lisa g
community artist - filmmaker - storyteller


For fun or therapy...

86 SE Marine Drive
Many building sit empty, ignored, decaying and stuck in the Vancouver Real Estate no-zone. Here is one such wasted building, a favourite of the artist and admired for years.
This is a film created for the Iris Film Collective's Vancouver version of OTS8. All editing was done 'in camera' and sound was collected on location. 

Harbek Homage 2016
Inspired by William Harbeck's 1907 film that records a streetcar view in downtown Vancouver, Lisa g, in turn, creates a silent film capturing the city at a point in time. Worried about increased tanker traffic, and using her bike fitted with a hand made device to hold the vintage super 8 camera, she creates a time-lapse film that documents the urban coastline from Crab Park on the city's Downtown Eastside to Kitsilano, Westside. 
All film was hand processed using the eco-friendly caffenol process.
600 feet of film + 76 minute bike ride + 28 km of coastline + 1 jar of instant coffee = 3 minutes of film
Comissioned by the City of Vancouver's Public Art Program and played on four city-wide outdoor viewing screens Sept 12-Oct 9, 2016.

lil' bunny 2014
Part one of a film/video series reflecting the threat to our natural world.
Perhaps it is time for the animals to join in the fight for preservation

We Are Here 2015
Part two of a film/video series reflecting the threat to our natural world.
Depending on perspective, the end of the world may already be here.
*made as part of the Iris Film Collective "End of the World" series

Like a Cannon 2016
Part three of a film/video series reflecting the threat to our natural world.
Lil' bunny moves past fear and anxiety of losing her home into action and recruitment!
*A commissioned work for the Echo Park Film Centre in celebration on their 14th anniversary.

Winter 2014
Homage to life north of the Arctic Circle. Contains footage of Gwich'in Elder Joel Peter and audio of Brandon Kyikavichik.
*created for Iris Film Collective's 2014 Art Waste screening presentation.

Sight Lines 2014
If a city could talk abut the people who live there, what would it say?
Inspired by the Diverse Voices & Portraits Project

Not Just Black and White 2013
Like tourists we visit different neighbourhoods searching for cultural diversity. Do people feel welcome in this Canadian City?
Inspired by the Diverse Voices & Portraits Project
Available on 16mm
The first iteration of this film was performed as a two channel film presentation with live sound. (The first  Iris Film Collective event)

White Lie 2011
A digital story I made in Berkeley California at the Centre for Digital Storytelling.

Sleep Tight 2009
A video diary of the things a Vancouver household had to do dealing with bed bugs.

Pam & Tommy - Bootlegged Interview 2004
The international superstars in their last interview at their London UK studio before they disappeared from the public eye.
Also watch: 
Disillusioned... the moment captured as Pam and Tommy try to reinvent themselves.

Early Promo video

Writer's Block 2004
Part truth, part fiction...definitely therapy.

Straightening Out The Gay 2004
A mockumentary about a Vancouver rock band and an angry lesbian who opposed their name.

Blue Tuesday 2001
Made with the challenge to try to have dolls evoke emotion.
Warning: Racy content!

My Sweet Prince Charming 2000
Made in response to wanting to see more lesbian content in Out on Screen in Vancouver.
This is my first foray into animation using childhood dolls and in-camera editing.
Warning: Racy content!
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